The Correct Stand on the OSFLOW®

The Correct Stand on the OSFLOW® 1

The upright loose standing position on the OSFLOW® is the most important exercise position of all, it is the basis for all other starting positions.

In the OSFLOW® therapy, standing is used before the treatment to assess the findings: misalignments, tension imbalances and a lack of flow balance become clear. And after the treatment for the functional integration of the treatment results and storing the new posture possibilities.

The stance is a functional position because the muscles can only be released and relaxed to the extent that strength and tension are still required for optimal straightening. We call this average of necessary tension “well-being tension”. When standing “against gravity”, complete functionality is given between the soles of the feet and the apex, all joints should be loosely “open”, i.e. potentially mobile.

The spine should be loosely erect and fluidly mobile. The pelvis should be like a buoy on the surface of the water, free to move, yet grounded. The weight of the body always falls to the centre of the foot, even during movement. The fascia, muscles and bones should be stretched in a common network (as in the tensegrity model).