OSFLOW® classic

OSFLOW DIe andere Schwingungsplattform

The OSFLOW® is available in 9 colour combinations including advice and instruction.
It weighs 14.5 kg and measures 80 x 40 x 18 cm. Due to its size, it is also very suitable for users of wheelchairs.

2.690,00 € (+ shipping)
Net: 2.260,50 €

Additional shipping costs notice:
Within Germany 1st package 15€, each additional package (e.g. cubes etc.) 5€ (Inch. VAT.).


The OSFLOW® centering vibration platform is also available for rent!

The rental price is 270,00 € + shipping for 4 weeks, a rental is only possible once (no extension) – the rental price (without shipping) will be credited 100% upon purchase.
When returning the OSFLOW®, it must be sent back prepaid.