Osflow_L Bild des großen OSFLOW

An OSFLOW® designed to treat dogs or other animals.
It has the dimensions 100 x 60 x 17 cm, weighs 27 kg itself and is loadable up to 120 kg (only available in the colour version shown). Of course, it can also be used for other applications with larger space requirements.

Purchase price: 3.280,00 € (+ shipping costs by pallet shipment).
Net: 2.756,30 €

Financing in instalments via smava: Click here “

The rental price is 330,00 € + shipping for 4 weeks, a rental is only possible once (no extension) – the rental price (without shipping) will be credited 100% upon purchase.
If returned, the OSFLOW® must be sent back prepaid.

Hunde OSFLOW Bild in der Therapieanwendung
Hunde OSFLOW Bild in der Therapieanwendung
Osflow L Rundes Bild des grossen Osflows
Osflow_L Rund Bild