The Mode of Action

The OSFLOW vibration platform is not comparable with conventional training devices for muscle strengthening or relaxation. Rather, the OSFLOW training is about the so-called well-being tension (eutonus) in the muscles and fasciae.
The Mode of Action 1

While standing on the OSFLOW®, the user trains to feel his or her own centre and to optimise the flow balance. The special AHA experience is: the more you let go of your centre, the more stable your balance becomes! This experience of one’s own centre and the flow balance is created by the special vibration of the OSFLOW. The alpha frequency and the left rotation of the vibration create a spiral vortex effect around the standing person on the OSFLOW®.

Due to the fact that in the spiral vortex there is a pull towards the centre axis, the body is biomechanically optimally aligned towards the centre, as long as one lets go of the joints.

The alpha frequency of the vibration also has a tonus-regulating effect in the sense of well-being, because it is the natural vibration of the muscles and fasciae and they go into resonance. This was already proven in studies by the neo-psychologist Rohrracher in Vienna in the 1950s.

At application areas you will find various possibilities for the use and fields of application of the OSFLOW®.

Only in well-being can the movements and the forces flow, as in the movement and martial arts Taijiquan and Qigong.

Important note:

The theoretical explanation about function, modes of action, differences etc. is one thing, but it never replaces the practical experience of one’s own experience. If you feel just a little resonance with the texts here and are curious, do not hesitate to contact one of our qualified OSFLOW® consultants … and experience it YOURSELF!

Training with the OSFLOW® can have the following benefits:

  • Improved centring – balance and good equilibrium
  • Groundedness through rootedness – safety and prevention of falls
  • Ease in straightening as well as in standing – higher movement potential of the whole body
  • Release of “adhesions” in the muscle and fascia tissue – synchronisation of the entire musculature in good tension
  • Increased flexibility and stability in the spine – Improved dexterity and coordination
  • General metabolic activation – increase of metabolic activity in and around the bones
  • Centring of the mental state – harmonisation and relaxation of the entire nervous system, e.g. for stress reduction
  • Inner calmness and outer relaxation – self-confidence and inner security
  • More life energy and performance – a feeling of flow in all situations in life