Technical service


If you have any questions about your unit related to technical and repairs, please email us at


You can send us your OSFLOW® for repair at any time, regardless of where you bought the unit. Please use only the original shipping packaging to avoid damage in transit. If you no longer have the shipping packaging, we will be happy to send you a new one for €35 (price within germany – international shipping cost on request).


We only accept packages with sufficient postage. Repaired units are generally only returned in the original shipping packaging.

Please enclose a signed, informal repair order with a detailed description of the fault. In addition, please include your telephone number in case of queries, as well as the desired address for delivery and invoice.
Please send the unit to the following address:

OSFLOW® Manufaktur
Liebfrauenbrunnstraße 21
97956 Werbach

Repair cost:

The repair costs consist of: Shipping packaging, postage, spare parts and labour.
If the costs for spare parts and labour exceed a net amount of 250 €, you will receive a cost estimate before the repair is carried out..

Case of guarantee:

If your OSFLOW® has a technical problem during the warranty period of 2 years from the date of invoice, please contact us by email at