Mrs. K. from March, osteoporosis, back pain, depression

In November 2007 I had a vertebral fracture. The X-ray examination showed a highly advanced osteoporosis. In January 2008 I got the green light from the orthopedist to do sports which I also did regularly (Taiji, yoga and gymnastics). In April 2008 we bought the Osflow device. I used it several times a day and soon felt a better mobility. The result was then seen two years later in the osteoporosis measurement. I also changed my diet and lost 9 kg. I feel comfortable and hope when I go to the bone density measurement in November 2011, that even more has improved. What I mean, which has also improved: I had a little depression, and I have the feeling that regular daily use of the Osflow has also significantly improved this disease. My husband's spine has improved significantly since we started the device. He still has pain from time to time but not so much anymore. He also uses the device daily and sometimes even several times a day. It has become indispensable for him.