OSFLOW Sommercamp

Summer Camp Taiji/Qigong according to the Osflow Method

Summer Camp Taiji/Qigong according to the Osflow Method from Monday 31.07.- Sunday 06.08.2017 In this year's summer camp we will learn the special fascia training according to the Osflow method step by step and integrate it directly into the movement and the Taiji form. The special thing about fascia training according to the Osflow method is that we learn to control the fascia directly for movement, REGARDLESS of the muscles! You don't believe that? Let one of our consultants/trainers give you a practical sample or contact me directly if you have any questions or comments. Once you have experienced this flow of movement and the lightness associated with it, you never want to move differently again. You will become aware first-hand why Taiji is called "swimming in the air" in advanced stages. Only with the big difference that you can experience this immediately in the beginning.

Another advantage is that you do not learn anything foreign or new, but only remember how you have moved before, namely as a child. That's the main reason why it happens so quickly. With the difference now that we consciously learn to feel and control the right structures. Once you know how to do it, it is above all the question of your training motivation how far you develop with it. If you were to train your fascia network in this way every day for 6-12 months, the entire architecture of your connective tissue (fascia) would change in the most positive sense. The summer camp is open to anyone who likes to move and is open to new things. There is no requirement in Taiji/Qigong. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: Jürgen Lütke-Wenning Tel.: 09345/929747 luewe@osflow.com www.osflow-methode.de