Osflow Vortrag in Haslach/Schwarzwald

Osflow lecture in Haslach/Black Forest

Osflow lecture in Haslach/Black Forest on Thursday, 16.03.2017

The approximately 30 participants who gathered in the beautiful rooms of the restored oil mill in Haslach in the Kinzig Valley/Black Forest were excited. Once again, Carmen Benz organized our Osflow consultant on site, a lecture with Jürgen. In theory and with practical demos, Jürgen explained the functionality of the Osflow and the special activation of the fascia. Some participants were able to enjoy Jürgen's instructions directly on site and could immediately feel the certain difference.

Among the lecture participants were not only newcomers who do not yet know the Osflow and the method, but also some "old Osflow rabbits" who have been using their Osflow successfully for years and are interested in the connections, the Osflow therapy and also in the new fascia training according to the Osflow method.