Feedback on Carmen Benz's teacher training 1

Feedback on Carmen Benz's teacher training

Dear Jürgen! We truly had 2 incredibly intense, educational and varied years with you! Always in focus on the good inner condition and with benevolence thinking of the wholeness way of working. Inside, as well as outside! With ourselves and with our environment. A wonderful foundation to strengthen the weaknesses in everyday life. Physically, as well as psychologically. The Taiji form fascinated me from the first moment. It has become a daily ritual for me, where I can completely relax… the outer form, which can now be filled with inner treasures. You sensitized us to recognize and change posture and movement patterns… with ourselves, as well as with others. I have already experienced how grateful people are to get rid of their pain or discomfort by recommending exercises. Or in my Qigong course, where they receive instructions for a natural movement and also there to see changes. To be able to accompany people with Osflow, as a perception enhancer or without. With Osflow to let go of blockages in a wellness treatment. It is hard to put into words what a treasure everyone can discover, a training of life. In the two years, the group has become very connected and you have taken us on an adventure trip that is far from over… I have not regretted a second and look forward to many more instructive hours with you! Feel your way to Carmen