Ulrike Wilborn

Feedback from Ulrike Wilborn on teacher training

My feedback on teacher training

I have always seen myself as a movement-sequence dyslexic. My teachers – the poor, too! In jazz gymnastics – in QiGong – in dance classes… . I always had problems with the order when what came. I saw the 37 shape a few times and found it fascinating – but I knew – never for me!!!

Since I am passionate about the Osflow, I have done all the training for it and at the same time I have also done the course instructor training for Taiji according to the Osflow Method; because I wanted to know how it's all connected… Some things I understood – I could also understand in myself ( feeling understanding ) – many things have only hinted at me and were then no longer tangible….There were a lot of question marks – how is that to be understood – does that also affect me? Is that possible? What does it take??? and then came: Wow – that's awesome….more….then the instructor training was over!

Jürgen asked me if I wanted to do the teacher training – my first reaction was: What??? I??? – I'm far from ready…. I have so many questions and yet I'm only at the beginning….there is not even to think about it…. until I understood that the journey is the goal.

I set out on this path with a lot of support from the group – I have advanced many inner processes and after the 2 years I felt like completely renewed – and joyfully continue on the way, because it continues – a lifelong process has begun and is extremely exciting and also challenging. I was often doubtful whether I was doing this right with the form, but Jürgen's words: It depends much more on the inner state ( and I found it to be quite good ) than on the outer form ( there is still a lot of room for improvement with me …) ultimately encouraged me so much that I felt totally comfortable and relaxed in the 37th form at some point and from then on the doubts have completely ceased…. I knew I could do it at my own pace and I was not pushed but supported with a challenge from time to time that ultimately helps me personally.

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you dear Jürgen for so many things that cannot be put into words… . Thanks to all those present who gave help and support. The final exam was my "personal victory" in not having to win.

So I am happy that after two years it does not stop but continues to be exciting :-)) Jürgen You have led me ( and the group) through a loving patient inner process in which I could only win. <3

It's not for everyone, but if you've read this far, dare to think big and allow yourself wide open… I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ulrike Wilborn